Adding A 2nd Layer

If your shingles are basic 3 tab shingles and laying flat then the cheapest way to get a whole new roof is to add a 2nd layer or roof over your existing shingles. Building codes allow for up to 2 layers. Shingle manufacturer’s also allow for their shingles to be installed as a 2nd layer in their application instructions, Landmark Installation Instructions - CertainTeed. Many companies will happily slap a 2nd layer on your house without re-flashing anything which will eventually lead to leaks along walls, chimneys, and any protrusion. At Andres Roofing we always re-flash everything with the new shingles so every part of your roof will remain dry for the duration of the life of the shingles. You can save thousands and have just as long of a lasting roof as with a tear off with an Andres Roofing expert roof-over installation. An additional pitfall that will eventually lead to leaks with other roofing companies is the size of the nails used. A standard 1 ¼’’ nail is not long enough and may eventually work itself up through the shingle causing nail pops and leaks. At Andres Roofing we use 1 ½’’ nails so that they stick good into the wood deck and will not work their way out. All Andres roofers are extremely experienced and understand the importance of properly nailing each shingle, making sure each nail is not set too low (blow through) or too high (eventual nail pop) so your roof will last the life of the shingle. 

If a full roof replacement or adding a 2nd layer does not fit in your budget then consider just doing the essential repairs needed to get more life out of your roof.