Full Roof Replacements

Full Roof Replacements in St. Louis, MO

Andres Roofing completes hundreds of roof replacements a year. Our sales and customer service is exceptional and diligent from the 1st call, free estimate, scheduling, completion, and final inspection. We approach each job from our years of experience that allows our customers to feel comfortable and navigate the process easily. Our crews handle roof replacements fast and efficiently always doing an exceptional job with great roofing materials with the customers concerns and long lasting roofs in mind. With a full roof replacement we tear off down to the wood deck, replace any rotten wood, install the proper underlayments, and then the shingles and proper flashings. Our roofers understand the importance of doing it right so that we never get call backs and our roofs last through our harsh and extreme weather and for the longevity of the shingles. We always approach every roof with the weather in mind. No roof is left open to the weather. We always plan on roofing back in anything we tear off that same day so that your home stays dry throughout the process.

We not only do these full replacements but can add a 2nd layer if your roof qualifies and you want to save money.