Our Pricing


At Andres Roofing we believe in a fair and honest price for every job. We evaluate each job based on the size, pitch, layers, accessibility, layout, to determine a fair price. We should be competitive with any respectable roofing company that pays a fair wage to its employees, uses quality products, and carries insurance to cover both general liability and worker's compensation. We will have our insurance agent send out our certificate of insurance to you upon request.

If you are looking for the best job at a fair and honest price then we are the company for you. The roofing industry in St. Louis is not regulated and there is no licensing requirements. There are numerous roofing companies that do bad work and will slap on a roof and tar areas that need proper flashing. Those roofs will not last long. At Andres Roofing we install the shingles and flashing properly paying close attention to detail. We install roofs to endure the extreme St. Louis weather and get the maximum life out of the shingles.